Honey Partners with Kawhi Leonard for Celebrity Ad Campaign


Kawhi Leonard on set for Honey commercial

Last night, we launched our first ever celebrity ad spot featuring Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar, two-time NBA champion, and finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

In this first commercial, Kawhi literally blocks shoppers from overpaying with the help of Honey’s browser extension, and shows just how easy it is to save money with Honey. We wanted to create an ad that was authentic to both Kawhi and our brand — and we think we were able to accomplish that in a way that was simple and fun. 

Kawhi may seem like an unexpected partner for Honey, but we actually have a lot in common. We both have deep-rooted ties to the city of LA, and we’re both working to leave a lasting legacy here. Kawhi is thoughtful about the brands he chooses to work with, which is why we’re so proud that he’s chosen to partner with us. We were already big Kawhi fans, and we were thrilled to learn that Kawhi’s a fan of Honey too.  

Check out the "Tiny Laptop" commercial here and visit our YouTube channel for more Honey x Kawhi content.

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