A Thank You: From Our Partners at the Phoenix Suns

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March 30, 2020 | Chris Morse, Senior Director, Communications, PayPal

It would be an understatement to say that each and every one of us miss something during this difficult time. For my family, we really miss the game of basketball. The beauty and artistry of the game has always inspired people to challenge what’s possible. We are seeing that everyday as we all compete against COVID-19, people and businesses around the world, changing their business models, trying new things – perhaps doing things they never thought were possible themselves. Part of the reason they are able to pivot, is because there is a team behind them to help do the “impossible”.

This is a mentality sports has delivered for centuries. The power of sports has taught people the importance of teamwork, collaboration and encouragement. During this life changing event, it’s amazing to see people rally together and work more as a team for the greater good of our communities, countries and ultimately our livelihoods.

Last night, it was a nice surprise to get the message below from our partners at the Phoenix Suns – recognizing PayPal’s role in communities around the world to help people make safe payments to family and friends, buy products to entertain our children, have food and hot meals delivered, or even contribute to charities that are helping combat COVID-19.

Thank you, James Jones and the Phoenix Suns organization, for your continued partnership and words of encouragement to our employees and the broader PayPal Community. We all cannot wait to see the Suns on the floor again – wearing the PayPal logo with pride, competing and giving back some normalcy to our everyday lives.

We also want to thank them for being leaders and stepping up to do what’s right for their own team and community – not just the team that represents them on the basketball court. They have a large team of people behind the players, including concession workers, ticket sales representatives, ushers, front office staff and many others that rely on the team taking the floor to earn a paycheck. They were one of the first organizations to make a commitment to pay their full and part-time employees during the NBA hiatus, which also includes other events taking place at Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix.

This is also a time to thank businesses and people around the world that are working as a team to help navigate this change in our daily lives. You inspire all of us at PayPal and give us confidence that we will all emerge stronger!

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