All the Ways to Give Back and #PayPalItForward This Holiday Season

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November 18, 2020
Although the holidays this year may look a little different from the celebrations you and your loved ones are used to, the way we give back and support those in need doesn’t need to change. Throughout this year, we’ve seen our PayPal community join together to use our platform to #PayPalItForward, raising record amounts to help one another amidst the pandemic, through movements to battle racial injustices, and other hardships that have affected people financially.
We know many of you are looking to continue this generosity and kindness throughout the holidays and beyond, as we continue to navigate through significant changes in our world. That’s why PayPal is giving you even more ways to give back and support those that need a little extra help and support, to help make this holiday season one to remember.
As part of this, we recently introduced enhancements to our Giving platform with the launch of the PayPal Generosity Network, a new giving platform that allows our PayPal customers to create fundraising campaigns to help the people, causes and communities that you care about. PayPal’s Generosity Network unlocks a new way for people to get help and give help, providing an accessible, easy and secure platform that connects fundraisers with millions of PayPal customers who can offer their support.
Check out all of the ways you can use PayPal to give back during the holiday giving season.

Generosity Network 

PayPal customers can create a Generosity Network campaign for themself, another individual in need, or even an organization like a small business or charity. PayPal shares your campaign on the Generosity Network, amplifying the cause to millions who can help others reach their fundraising goals. Each campaign can raise up to $20,000, and money donated is deposited directly into your account with PayPal, allowing you to easily distribute the funds to your intended cause - be it a small business, a personal friend or family member, or a nonprofit. During the holiday season, you’ll be able to raise funds with no transaction fees charged.*  

PayPal Giving Fund 

On and in the PayPal mobile app, you can support thousands of charities with PayPal Giving Fund, without any deductions or transaction fees. PayPal Giving Fund enables you to support your favorite causes online, and ensures all funds go to charity.

Give at Checkout 

Millions of Americans are expecting to do their holiday shopping online this year. As you checkout at millions of online retailers that accept PayPal, look for the option to add a $1 donation to charity before completing your purchase. These microdonations add up to real impact – shoppers have donated more than $10M at checkout since the feature launched last year.
New this year, you can also set your favorite charity in your PayPal Account Overview or in app, to ensure you see your favorite charity when you shop with PayPal, or PayPal will suggest a relevant charity for you.

Donate Your Credit Card Rewards 

PayPal has expanded its Pay with Rewards feature that enables you to use your credit card rewards balances to support the causes you care about. If you have an eligible credit card from American Express, Citi, Discover and more, you can donate your rewards to support thousands of charities enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund. When checking out, you can put your rewards towards a donation on the PayPal Giving Fund site, and rewards balances will automatically be converted to an equivalent dollar donation amount.

Give Back to a Small Business 

The past year has been incredibly tough for small businesses around the world, and communities have stepped up to show their support. You can now raise money on behalf of a small business in your community or find one to support through PayPal’s Generosity Network.
*Fees are subject to change. See Terms and Conditions. 
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