PayPal Continues to Stand for Equality and Democracy

Dan Schulman, President and CEO

We believe that voting is foundational to a healthy and inclusive democracy, and is a fundamental and hard-won right for all citizens that we must all continue to protect. Guided by our deeply held values and our commitment to furthering racial equity and equality, we stand firm in our support of equal access to voting and we oppose discriminatory measures that limit Americans’ ability to vote.

We are committed to working with my good friends Rod Adkins, Shellye Archambeau, Stacy Brown-Philpot, Ursula Burns, Kenneth I. Chenault, Ken Frazier, Mellody Hobson, Clarence Otis, Charles Phillips, Robert F. Smith, John W. Thompson, Darren Walker, Ron Williams, and other leaders that I greatly respect, to protect the rights of our employees, our customers and all our community members to exercise their right to participate freely in the electoral process.

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