PayPal Community Breaks Record Processing More than $188 million in Donations This GivingTuesday

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Franz Paasche, SVP, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at PayPal   

Digital Wallet - Generosity Network
The Generosity Network inside the new PayPal app.

The pandemic has created severe economic pressures on vulnerable families, businesses, and communities around the world. The need to address these impacts has accelerated the growth of innovative platforms to reach more people and communities with digital products and services that make a difference for their lives and financial health. Building on our platform capabilities and long history of powering giving, we’ve worked to expand the ways in which our colleagues and customers can use PayPal to support the communities in which we live and work, creating more touchpoints to support local non-profits and global causes.    

We’re excited to share that this year on Giving Tuesday, PayPal’s customers were again extraordinarily generous, making more than $188 million in donations for charitable organizations across 193 markets. Over the past six years, PayPal customers and employees across more than 200 markets have used our Giving platform to donate more than $788 million to charitable causes on Giving Tuesday. 

From Give at Checkout to redeeming credit card rewards as charitable contributions, we’ve been inspired by the PayPal community’s significant and meaningful generosity throughout the pandemic. And as new ways to give have come online, PayPal’s customers have continued to give more. More than 2.1 million contributions were made on the PayPal platform to over 160,000 non-profits and causes around the globe this Giving Tuesday by more than 1.6 million customers. This Giving Tuesday – a global generosity movement that empowers people and organizations to charitably contribute to their communities – set the bar even higher for years to come.   


Consumers step up amid challenges   

We are inspired by our PayPal community’s generosity, particularly against the backdrop of a pandemic that has brought increasing financial and social challenges for so many. As more people have turned to relief organizations and charities for help, we’ve seen our global colleagues and customers step up to support those with the highest needs. Our customers and employees have donated to the full spectrum of causes and non-profit organizations, from food banks and mental health groups to social justice organizations, bolstering the resources these organizations urgently needed to support our local communities.  

We’re proud and grateful that our digital infrastructure enables generosity at this global scale and that we have been able to expand the ways in which our community can use our platform to connect with the causes that matter most to them. Giving Tuesday is one of the high points of each year, as we see the power of our digital donation platform come the life in new ways.  Thanks to the hard work of our teams and our broad network of non-profit partners, our giving platform is one of the largest giving platforms in the world, enabling our customers to support more than 600,000 non-profits. Giving back with PayPal is easy and safe – and we are thrilled our community has utilized all the ways to do so.   

Charitable organizations and the communities they serve will feel the positive impact of this successful Giving Tuesday well into 2022.  We extend our thanks to all the members of the PayPal community for their continued generosity.

Learn more about supporting causes you care about with PayPal.   

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