These Products Can Help You Sleep Better – And Run a More Successful Business


Sleep can be hard to come by, and for merchants, in particular, balancing personal wellbeing with business productivity can be a struggle.

Thankfully, there’s a host of products that can help: Everything from weighted blankets to scented diffusers can help people sleep longer and more soundly.

We spoke with members of our global community of merchants who have sleep and relaxation-focused businesses to understand the products they’ve created and how they can help.

Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant


Hatch’s Restore Smart Sleep Assistant, a combination sound machine, alarm clock, smart light, and meditation app, helps adults sleep better. “We often hear from people who are struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling unrested, and we designed our products around these frustrations because they were ours, too,” said Ann Crady Weiss, CEO and co-founder of Hatch.

Hatch Restore helps build long-term habits and routines around sleep through soothing meditations and bedtime stories that help you unwind, and the sunrise alarm wakes you up gently.

Manta SLEEP Masks

A self-professed light sleeper since his teenage years, Mark Zhang founded Manta Sleep to empower light sleepers to get deeper sleep through a specialized sleep mask. A good blackout sleep mask can help light sleepers, shift workers, and those with existing sleep conditions make the most of their sleep time with better quality, longer sleep.

“Our Manta Sleep Mask is 100% blackout—meaning no light seeps through the sides—with adjustable eyecups so there's no pressure on your eyes,” said Mark. “It’s very comfortable and made of organic, breathable, and high-quality materials.”

Sleep Crown Over-the-Head Pillow

Sleep Crown Pillow

Julie Westervelt is trained in restorative yoga—the art of surrendering and accepting rest—so she knows the value of proper sleep.  Her Sleep Crown pillows help set the conditions for a good night’s rest by blocking out light, muffling sound, and providing gentle pressure around the top of the head, helping relax the body.  

Her pillows can benefit a variety of sleep-deprived individuals, including insomniacs, migraine-sufferers, and people who sleep with snorers, as well as shift workers, medical professionals, first responders, and others who may need to sleep during the daytime.

A Mattress Designed for You

Whether you’re a side sleeper or are more comfortable resting on your back, your mattress should be designed with your body and sleep habits in mind.

Guillermo Villegas, the CEO of Luuna – a leading Mexican mattress retailer – said the design process should also take your body and lifestyle into account even when you’re not in bed.

 “After 10 months of work and dozens of prototypes, we developed a model with a combination of four proprietary foams –including gel-infused memory foam -- which provides an ergonomic, cool rest without movement transfer and is capable of recovering its ergonomic shape,” said Guillermo.

Comfortable, High-Quality Pajamas

Lake Pajamas

Friends Cassandra Cannon and Anne Lattimore founded Lake Pajamas, to ease their comfort and relaxation at home. “As moms of young children, no one understands the importance of good sleep more than us,” said Cassandra.

Many of Lake Pajamas’ high-quality products, including its Pima shorts set, are 100% Peruvian Pima cotton and are offered in short and long styles for women, men, and children. Featuring a classic aesthetic for life’s coziest moments, the coordinating sets help you feel put together and are designed with a cut and fabrics that are comfortable for both lounging and sleeping.

Treatments for Body and Mind

Acupuncturist and wellness expert Ross J Barr  is a strong advocate of learning to value the health of our minds as much as we do our bodies. “If you don't look after yourself, you become incapable of helping other people, which is so important not only in my job, but in my personal life too,” he said.

His clinic has a line of natural supplements and products. Calm Patches help alleviate headaches and tension caused by stress and frustration, and Sleep Patches use essential oils to help the body relax for a good night’s rest.

Loti Wellness Self-Care Subscription Box

Loti Wellness

Kitty Shum founded Loti Wellness, a self-care kit subscription service, to help people prioritize personal wellness. “I’ve always had a keen interest in holistic wellness and the different factors at play in health,” said Kitty. “As an occupational therapist, I used this approach to promote wellbeing [for my patients], and it was only natural that it would carry into my business.”

The kits help customers prioritize wellness through therapeutic activities and skincare products, all of which are natural, cruelty-free, and sustainable. The activity workbook is curated by practicing therapists to inspire happiness and reduce anxiety and stress.

For more tips and tricks from leading sleep retailers on how to get a good night’s rest, click here. For more information on how a lack of rest affects your health, check out our feature, The Cost of Lost Sleep.

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