Update on Roe v. Wade and Supporting our U.S. Employees

Dan Schulman, President and CEO

The following is a message I shared with PayPal employees following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, demonstrating PayPal’s commitment to ensuring continued support for our employees, their families, and our communities:

Today's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade is historic and potentially unprecedented in its impact. The Court’s decision overturning long-settled, foundational law has significant impact for the lives of millions of Americans. It allows for potentially widespread restrictions to reproductive healthcare access to immediately go into effect in states across the country. Over the longer-term, the decision may result in challenges to the legal basis of many other policies and civil rights, including LGBTQ+ equality.

I understand the anxiety and concern that many of you and your families may be feeling at this moment. I want to be clear: caring for our employees is our highest priority. As a company, we are fully committed to ensuring that our U.S.-based employees have equitable access to the healthcare and benefits that they and their families need.

Earlier this year, Kausik shared that our leadership team has been working with partners from across PayPal to ensure that our U.S.-based employees covered under our medical benefits will continue to have access to the resources needed to make reproductive health decisions—regardless of where they live. All U.S.-based employees covered under PayPal’s benefits program can continue to access medical care, counseling, and paid time off. Several of these support services, including our Employee Assistance Program, are also available to employees who have not elected to enroll in PayPal benefits. Our Employee Advocacy team within HR, who are trained on these matters and conduct this work in a confidential and private manner, are always available to you, including to discuss specific support needs or answer any questions.

We are closely monitoring the implications of the Court’s decision and related developments so that we will be prepared to assist employees and their families who are affected directly by any changes in state laws. We have a team of leaders from across the company who are dedicated to this ongoing work. We remain committed to supporting our employees to the best of our abilities, and we will also continue to seek opportunities to help address the economic impacts of the Court’s decision within our wider communities.

It’s important to also recognize that we each have the opportunity to engage in our communities on issues we believe in – to work with non-profits in our communities and to participate in elections and the political process. Civic engagement and participation are essential to the strength of our democracy and to the social fabric of this country. I appreciate how many of you take an active role in your communities, including volunteering and contributing to the causes that are important to you, your families, and communities.

The strength of our PayPal community is built on our shared values and the deep respect and empathy we have for one another. No matter our individual beliefs, it's times like these that we must work to come together as a community. We may have different personal values, and we may disagree with each other – but we must always listen, learn from each other, and treat each other with respect and compassion.

During these eventful times, I’ve been continually inspired by the empathy and care displayed by our PayPal community. Our values of Inclusion and Wellness remain at the forefront as we navigate these unprecedented issues and policy decisions. The health and well-being of our employees will continue to be our north star.

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