Stress Less and Feel Your Best with An Expert Saver’s Financial Strategies

André Jeanpierre
PayPal super-user, and bargain-hunter André Jeanpierre

Economic uncertainty isn’t just affecting your wallet, it’s affecting your wellness. A just-released PayPal survey1 found that six in 10 Americans say the current economic environment has negatively impacted their mental health.

One important way to foster better wellness is to stay on top of your finances. Longtime PayPal super-user, and bargain-hunter André Jeanpierre has figured out how to save money, cut costs, and prioritize the things he cares about most, in ways that help support his overall well-being.

André shared some tips for staying on top of expenses to set you up for financial success and well-being.

Tip 1: Save money by finding coupons in new ways

Everyone knows about the value of using coupons, but not everyone knows where to find them. André has found that PayPal Honey is a great way to find and use coupons when shopping online, plus it helps find cash back deals to make budgets go further.

“It’s all about doing your due diligence and just a little bit of digging instead of just going straight to buy,” said André. Before making a purchase, he checks to see if PayPal Honey has a coupon or discount code. He recently used PayPal Honey to find a 15% off deal at a popular pizza chain, for example, which saved him about $8. PayPal Rewards is another option that allows users to earn redeemable rewards and cash back on everyday purchases.

Tip 2: Be intentional about purchases

André Jeanpierre
André Jeanpierre and his fiancee, Jen

Overspending and watching bills accumulate is a guaranteed way to stress out. André approaches big purchases the same way that some tattoo enthusiasts suggest people think about potential tattoos: wait, wait, and wait some more.

“If there is an item that I want, I'll wait 30 days and if I still want it after that, then I'll go ahead and purchase it,” he said. “That alone has helped cut down a lot with the spending on items that I don't really need.”  

While spending cash on things we want can give us a rush of satisfaction, it's not always worth the stress caused later when bills come due. Plus, the time spent waiting gives opportunity to save for an item, reducing the impact at purchase if you decide to go ahead.


Tip 3: Spread out payments for larger purchases to make financing easier

A big part of budgeting is planning around when we have the money to pay for things, and paying for a large purchase all at once can throw budgets off balance. For André, breaking payments into more manageable sums he can pay over weeks or months has provided him flexibility while staying within a budget. He uses PayPal's Pay Later options with automated payments and digital reminders.

 “Not only is Pay in 4 so easy to use, but I also get heads-up messages from PayPal on my phone and e-mail basically saying ‘Hey, just letting you know you have an upcoming charge of this amount,'" he explained. “It’s like you have somebody from PayPal directly working for you. It helps me to organize my finances even better.”

Hear more of André's tips and tricks for financial management and wellbeing below:


Tip 4: Find ways to swap goods and experiences with more affordable options

It can be frustrating to have to forgo plans or turn down invitations due to financial concerns. Nearly half of Americans whose mental health is negatively impacted by the current economy are going out less because it costs too much, according to the PayPal survey.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than sacrificing the kinds of activities he loves, André finds cheaper, equally enjoyable options.

“My fiancee Jen and I opted for things we can do that don't really impact the wallet as much, like taking a road trip,” he said. “We already have a car, so we can drive somewhere. We can see the woods, we can see the mountains, get some fresh air, or get away from the city.”

Tip 5: Prioritize, plan, and stick to a budget

Most importantly, it’s crucial to plan, stick to a budget, and prioritize the things that matter most to you. Setting a budget helps give you the structure and reassurance to know what you can truly afford to spend at any given time, though the key is sticking to it, André says.

“Make sure you prioritize the stuff that's important first, such as mortgages, payments, and bills. Once you do that, you can see how much money you have left to play with,” he said. That also includes setting aside savings at the start of the month.

Of course, finding deals or earning cashback along the way can free up funds to put toward splurges or added savings— PayPal can help with that.

When economic times are tough, and stress is high, having a set of strategies to help stay on top of our spending and finances is essential to maintaining our well-being.  “If I didn't follow these hacks that I have, I feel that I would be more stressed about life and worried about the future,” said André.

1PayPay Wellness Omnibus Survey Results, February 2023


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