PayPal’s Valuable 500 Commitment 

By Assaf Keren, Chief Information Security Officer, VP, Enterprise Cyber Security, and Thrive ERG Executive Sponsor

Valuable 500 Logo

Today, PayPal proudly announced our commitment as a member of the Valuable 500, a collective of CEOs and their companies working collaboratively to create a more inclusive society and economy for the more than 1.3 billion individuals across the globe living with a disability.   

PayPal’s commitment is in furtherance of our mission to democratize financial services and promote economic opportunity. That’s why we joined the Valuable 500 and drew heavily from our mission in formulating our commitment language. With a focus on our ability to promote economic empowerment and create greater financial opportunity, PayPal has committed to the following:  

  • Building accessibility into every aspect of the employee lifecycle from recruiting and hiring, to development and retention.   
  • Evaluating and enhancing accessibility of our products and services and continuing to prioritize product inclusion as a key feature of our product design and development process.  
  • Partnering with our internal employee resource groups, national nonprofits, and other charitable organizations globally to identify and incorporate appropriate best practices in disability inclusion into our workplace culture, customer experiences, and approach to measurement and disclosures.  

We know that we can’t solve disability inclusion on our own. That's why we’ve concentrated on that which we can control – being an inclusive employer, empowering our customers, and partnering with and learning from those that are interested in making ecosystem improvements for the disabled community across the globe. The real power of our commitment is in how it adds to the sum of all of the commitments made by the other Valuable 500 corporate partners.   

By locking arms with our peers within the Valuable 500 collective, we know that we can make an even larger impact and help to build a more inclusive economy for disabled individuals. We’ll do this by drawing upon the combined resources, ingenuity, and innovativeness of all of the corporate participants through their various commitments, all of which are rooted in the unique strengths or competencies of each commitment signatory.   

Inclusion should include disability inclusion, and we’re proud to partner with the Valuable 500 and privileged to be working with so many companies who share that belief. Together, by taking tangible actions in support of disability inclusion we can create additional opportunity for this often-over-looked community by creating a more equitable economy that works for everyone.   

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