PayPal Teams Up with Small Businesses and Nonprofits for First-Ever PayPal Impact Day

PayPal employees across more than 20 countries are gearing up for the company's first-ever PayPal Impact Day on June 27. This is a moment for the entire company to come together in support of local small businesses and nonprofit partners.

PayPal will leverage its relationships with small businesses across the globe by purchasing goods and supplies from them. PayPal employees will then sort, package, and donate the goods and supplies to different nonprofits.

"This is going to be a special day where we all close our laptops and come together to support small businesses and give back to our communities in a meaningful way,” said PayPal President and CEO Alex Chriss. “It’s a unique opportunity to connect with colleagues and engage with the small businesses that are the backbone of our communities, while supporting the nonprofits that strengthen them."

At its heart, PayPal Impact Day is all about those connections — connection to our customers, our communities, and between coworkers and colleagues.

Our Customers

PayPal empowers small businesses through our products and services every day. For Impact Day, we'll switch gears, support them directly, and celebrate their role in our local communities. In many places, employees will get to hear directly from small business owners to understand their priorities and concerns better.

Some of the businesses that will be a part of PayPal Impact Day include LA ITAMESHI, an Italian restaurant based in Japan; Peace by Chocolate, a local chocolate business based in Canada founded by Syrian refugees; and A Dozen Cousins, a small business based in California that creates authentic meals and sides inspired by Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American recipes.

Our Communities

Our nonprofit partners are also key to PayPal Impact Day. PayPal has long fostered a culture that values and rewards volunteerism, and PayPal Impact Day is further proof of that. We're committed to improving the communities where we live and work, and giving back to partners doing all kinds of essential work is part of that. Read about some of the nonprofits the company already supports through its Community Impact Grants – some of which are participating in PayPal Impact Day.

Our People

Finally, Impact Day will offer employees the chance to collaborate in a different, more experiential, and hands-on way. In doing so, we hope we can build stronger connections that center our shared values and mission.

Check back in here in the days following PayPal Impact Day for a recap and info on everything the PayPal team achieved alongside business and nonprofit partners.

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