Bitmoji is Now Live in the Venmo App!



We’re excited to share that Bitmojis are now available in the Venmo app!

Now when paying, splitting and sharing with friends on Venmo, you can include your personalized Bitmoji in the payment notes to accompany your Venmo transactions. With the addition of Bitmoji, you have an even more personalized way in your social feed to celebrate your shared experiences with your friends on Venmo.


We are continuing to work with partners to enrich our core experience, while making your experience more engaging and personalized. You already love to include emojis in your payment notes, in fact, in 2018 pizza emoji was the number one most used emoji followed by taco emoji and burger emoji in the food category. Check out the Venmo year in review video below!

Now, the ability to include a personalized Bitmoji gives you another fun way to communicate. To use the new feature, create a new payment or request in the Venmo app. Once you’re on the “Pay” or “Request” screen, tap the Bitmoji icon to connect your Snapchat account. (Fun fact: Snapchat and Bitmoji are owned by the same parent company!). You can also use Bitmoji when you split or share purchases in the Venmo app.

Download the latest version of the Venmo app on iOS or Android to “say it with Bitmoji” on Venmo! 

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