Bring Your Venmo Feed to Life with New Custom Animated Stickers from Holler

Venmo was designed for sharing experiences with your friends in today’s social world, and the newsfeed has always been a big part of this. Creating long-lasting memories of otherwise forgotten moments like trips, concerts and BBQs in the newsfeed is part of Venmo's magic. Starting to rollout this week, we are excited to introduce a new way to celebrate these experiences with new, animated custom stickers.

Working with Holler, a company that generates expressive visual messaging content (think fun animated stickers), Venmo will be rolling out a suite of original, animated stickers for its customers when paying, splitting, and sharing payments with their friends on Venmo. More than 90% of Venmo transactions contain emojis today, and now there will be new and evolving content from which to choose to help users share the perfect story with friends.

Like our existing emoji recommendations, Holler’s keyword suggestion technology will recommend stickers based on payment notes. So the next time a friend covers a late-night pizza run, you can appropriately say thanks.

We'll be working with some of our customers’ favorite companies to bring custom branded stickers to the feed, which will allow for tailored experiences. Now, splitting a sandwich can become splitting the Veggie Delite® from Subway, 


and a trip to IKEA can turn into a visual representation of the time spent roaming the aisles with your roommates to pick out furniture for your new spot…

Finally, we will be continually updating the Holler library with new stickers to add to your payment notes. If you have a great idea for a new sticker, we’d love to hear from you! Submit your idea or sketch to us at and it may become a Holler animated sticker in Venmo!    

Keep an eye out for the latest version of the Venmo app on  iOS or Android to start animating your feed!


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