Group accounts on Venmo launched in beta



Venmo’s mission has always been to connect the world and empower people through payments. And today, we’re excited to announce that we are taking another step towards reaching that goal. We’re launching the beta for groups, a new feature that lets Venmo users create an account for their group or club.

No more lost checks, complicated spreadsheets, or delayed transactions. We’re bringing the magic of Venmo to group payments.

You can now easily make an account for your group to use for anything from paying dues, to issuing reimbursements, to collecting money for an event. Group accounts offer all the Venmo features you know and love, plus the ability to add managers to help administer the group.

If you’re interested in opening an account for your group, sign up at!

Feel free to share the news! And if you’re interested in being involved in a focus group or have ideas for the product, please email

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