Introducing the New Venmo App for iPhone and Android


We’re so proud and excited to release brand new iPhone and Android apps. The incredible feedback, tremendous support, and creative posts inspired us to release a new version of our app that makes it even more fun and simple to pay your friends back.

The New Venmo is More Social and Easier to Use
Venmo was built as an easy way to settle up with friends. As more people started Venmo-ing, we noticed that people were using the payment note as a place to interact, josh, and joke. Our users were transforming Venmo into a fun way for friends to engage. Payments between friends were telling a story of shared memories, birthday dinners, weekend outings, drinks and laughs. We loved watching this develop and wanted to support this use of our product as much as possible.

Home screen News Feed
In order to support and celebrate the way our users embraced the social aspect of Venmo, we decided to feature the payment feed to the home screen. Now it’s easier to browse friends’ activity, leave comments, and engage in the fun experiences that friends have shared.

Public Payment Feed
In addition to featuring the payment feed more prominently, we’ve also made it possible to share payments beyond your Venmo friends to everyone else on Venmo. This feature helps Venmoers engage across the country and shows newcomers how they can use the app. To turn this feature off and share payments with just your Venmo friends, simply turn off public sharing in your settings. The choice is yours.  

Compose a Payment Like a Text or Tweet
With the new app, you can compose a payment as easily as you would a text or tweet. We did this because we wanted make paying a friend feel fun, frictionless, and easy just like sending a text.  

User Profiles
One of the biggest requests was the ability to view a friend’s profile easily from your phone. With the new app, you can see your friend’s shared payments, your past transactions with them, and brief bios.

Finding Friends
With the new app, you can easily search for your contacts, Facebook friends, and anyone who’s currently on Venmo. You can also friend them right from your phone.

Control Your Privacy and How You Share
Users have complete control over their privacy and can adjust sharing preferences at any time. Choose to make a payment private, shared with your Venmo friends only, public to all Venmoers, or share it on other networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare).

Hit Us Up
Download the app today and let us know what you think! Contact us at with your feedback.

Thank You!
We’re super excited to reveal what we’ve been cooking up at Venmo. Keep in touch to learn about more awesome features coming soon!

Happy Venmo-ing!

Team Venmo

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