Newest Release of Venmo Android App is Out!


Ch-ching! The Newest Release of the Venmo Android App is Now Available in the Market
With this latest release, instead of subscribing to alerts for new payments and comments via SMS, you can now opt to have these notifications pushed directly to your device. Because your payments now integrate seamlessly with all of your other device notifications, you can jump straight to the comment thread and reply to a friend with a single tap on the alert about a new payment. This makes it incredibly easy to send a “thank you” or followup when someone pays you back.
Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.
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p.p.s. Don’t have the Venmo Android app? Get it here! Don’t have Android? Checkout our iPhone App. (And don’t worry, iPhone Venmo-ers, we have a new release coming soon for you too!)
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