California Wildfires: How You Can Help

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October 29, 2019 | John Kunze

Wildfires up and down the state of California are leaving nearly two million individuals without power and hundreds of thousands more under mandatory evacuation order. Even more residents have been impacted by exceptionally poor air quality for stretches of miles across the state. The fires currently threaten more than 90,000 buildings across an ever-expanding evacuation zone, with strong winds raising the prospect of more fire breakouts and growth of existing blazes. In Northern California, the Kincade Fire has already impacted 74,000 acres, while the Getty Fire in Los Angeles has consumed over 600 acres and counting. 

As a company with headquarters in California, this natural disaster truly hits home for PayPal. These are our colleagues, our customers, our partners, our families, and our friends. The full devastation of the wildfires will only be known in the days and weeks to come and we’re coming together as a community during this time of devastation and uncertainty.

Together with PayPal Giving Fund we have launched a disaster relief campaign to support organizations working in California to support relief efforts. PayPal is covering all processing costs, ensuring that 100% of your donation will support charities providing relief and recovery efforts. Through the PayPal Gives program, PayPal will also match donations made by a PayPal employee, according to terms of the program.

Your generosity has helped make a huge difference during times of natural disaster, when wildfires swept through parts of California last year, and in September when Hurricane Dorian ravaged parts of the Bahamas and North and South Carolina. 

We’re extremely grateful to anyone who is able to help provide disaster relief to those in urgent need. 

John Kunze, SVP, Global Consumer Product & Technology




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