Tomorrow, Everyone Can Do More with Venmo


So long, beta. Earlier in 2016, we announced that a limited number of Venmo users would get to experience the familiar delight and ease of paying with Venmo within their favorite merchant apps. Today, we are thrilled to announce that all of our Venmo users will be able to make purchases with Venmo beginning tomorrow.

And that’s not all. The feature has expanded to more than ten vibrant merchants that we know our core users will love. MuncheryGametimePrivPoshmarkHop MarketWishParking PandaDollyUrgentliBoxed, and most recently, will now accept Venmo payments. With this special feature, we’re making it easier than ever to speed through checkout cloud emoji, split and settle the bill instantly money emoji and share the experience with your friends ticket emoji pizza emoji raise hand emoji.

Interested to know what the experience will look like? Tune in to the video below to learn how you can make purchases with Venmo:

This is just the beginning. If you’re a merchant with a mobile app and would like to learn more about accepting Venmo, check out our site or contact Braintree directly. If you’re already using Braintree’s SDK, contact your Account Manager to join the movement.

Questions? Users can contact our Support Team via, in-app chat or Twitter, and we will be happy to help.

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