Venmo Paints the Town
Jun 10, 2015



A few weeks ago, we sent some Venmo volunteers to help local artist Ellie Balk and the students at Brooklyn’s Green School finish up their annual mural. This isn’t just any old neighborhood beautification project: every year Ellie works together with the staff and students to design a mural based on the school’s math curriculum. This year’s project, Visualize Pi: Perspective, uses blocks of varying height and color to represent Pi.

Visualize Pi is an extraordinary program for Green School. It allows students to understand complex math concepts through design and feel ownership over a project that adds value to their neighborhood.

The Venmo volunteers jumped in towards the end of the painting week to help with some straight lines, ladder climbing, and detail work. We had a blast rolling up our sleeves, getting paint on our faces, and spending time outside in the sun. When we were painting with Ellie and the students, we really felt like we were making a direct impact in the community. People kept walking by to chat with us and thank us for adding a colorful flair to the neighborhood. It was an incredible feeling to step back at the end of the day and check out the beautiful result of everyone’s hard work.

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