Apr 5, 2017
We've just upped our game with an exclusive festival-themed emoji set



We’ve been working on a neat little feature that allows us to add custom emojis to Venmo so you can have a little more fun with your payments.

We know that music festival season is right around the corner so in our latest app update on both iOS and Android, we introduced a festival-themed emoji set. Yup, now you can spice up your payment notes and show off your festival shenanigans.

Have fun using these emojis with your friends on Venmo because they don’t exist anywhere else!

Custom festival emojis in the Venmo Feed


  • Upgrade to the most up-to-date Venmo app on your phone
  • Access the new emojis by tapping on the emoji picker
  • Type in ‘fest’ and choose a fun emoji payment note


  • Type 'emoji' in the payment note field to see only the custom emojis

What custom emojis should we design next? Drop us a note at

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