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We understand there is a lot of information out there, which can be both confusing and overwhelming. We pulled together information directly from the IRS website and related sources to help answer the questions you might have about the relief effort.

PayPal customers can cash their government-issued paper stimulus checks remotely, usually within minutes, free-of-charge using PayPal’s in-app cash-a-check feature.

Helping local communities prevent and recover from COVID-19.

With the coronavirus outbreak prompting second thoughts about handling cash, digital payments can offer a precautionary measure for populations concerned about the germs associated with physical money. Here are a few tips for using PayPal to send and receive money and shop online from the comfort of your home.

Amidst reports that scammers are using COVID-19 concerns to trick consumers, here are some ways you can stay vigilant while transacting online.

Here we outline some of the common fraud trends to look out for amidst COVID-19 so you can remain vigilant and protect yourself.

Follow this checklist to help keep your financial accounts protected and secure.

During this global pandemic, many people are looking for ways to provide critical financial support for aging parents, grandparents, and loved ones across the globe. Here’s how Xoom can help.

PayPal customers with a PayPal Cash Mastercard® can receive their stimulus payment directly through PayPal by following a few simple steps.

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