iPhone Update Released!



Today, we released an updated version of the Venmo iPhone app with some awesome new features.

Lock it Up

Ever give someone a fist-pound without locking it up? Just doesn’t feel right, does it?

That’s why we added the new passcode lock feature. This feature lets you lock the Venmo app with a four-digit PIN in case your cat gets a hold of your iPhone.  This was our most common feature request for the Venmo iPhone App, so thanks to everyone who asked for passcode lock for inspiring us!

So, next time your friend tells you sending money through the Interwebs is not secure. Ask them if their wallet has a lock on it…

Scan a Card

Snap a picture of your debit or credit card to add it to your account.

To add a new card, tap Credit Cards in Settings, and tap the “+” button.

Faster Foursquare Checkins

We made it even easier to share payments you make at places as Foursquare checkins with a simple checkbox. Try it out next time you split the dinner bill, and in addition to checking you in, we’ll keep track of how much you’re spending at your favorite places. 


Of course, we also fixed some issues and made some other enhancements, like the ability to manage your text & email notification settings. We hope you enjoy the latest version of the app!

Get the updated version of the Venmo iPhone app from the App Store.

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