It’s time to pony up on Venmo


Today, we’re launching Venmo’s first-ever nationwide brand campaign called “Pony Up on Venmo.”

“Pony Up on Venmo” is both a twist on a common phrase and a reflection of what makes Venmo so special: it removes the awkwardness of asking someone to pay you back, and makes payments fun – whether it’s splitting the cost of pizza emoji or a weekend getaway with friends.

Consider it a rally cry against those awkward money moments in everyday life.

Over the next two months, you’ll see Venmo in many familiar places. We’re unveiling our first-ever national tv emoji commercial tonight on cable channels including Adult Swim, MTV and Comedy Central, and on digital networks like YouTube and The Onion.

People in Austin, Chicago, Portland and Nashville will see billboards, street posters and murals in vibrant parts of town. And you’ll see other Venmo treats like beer emoji coasters, temporary tattoos and pizza boxes at bars and food joints - places where you’re already using Venmo to pay back friends - and even be able to catch a ride on a pony-themed pedicab. Make sure to eyes emoji for a “Pony Up” filter on Snapchat in those cities too.

In the Venmo app, we’re also adding a special Pony Up emoji combination and we have a plan to reimburse randomly selected users for their payments to friends.

Below, see a sneak peek of the ad that’s kicking off “Pony Up on Venmo" tonight.

“Now, we pony up emoji!”


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