PayPal Cashless Utopia
Leave your wallet behind as PayPal & Thom Filicia show you the future of money in PayPal’s Cashless Utopia! TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 6:00PM TO 10:00PM



Thom Filicia- Author, TV Celebrity, Interior Designer

Claudia Lombana- PayPal Shopping Specialist

Laura Chambers- Senior Director, PayPal Mobile

Sam Shrauger- VP of Global Product Strategy, PayPal


  • Experience how to live a more convenient life in “The Seven Wonders of the Cashless World
    • HOLIDAY: Skip the lines and the stress, get expert shopping tips from PayPal’s Shopping Specialist
    • TRAVEL: Bring PayPal with you on your next trip and find out where to save on travel year round
    • FASHION: eBay’s Karina Sokolovsky shows you how to stay on-trend with eBay and PayPal
    • HOME & LIFESTYLE: Get Thom Filicia’s insider tips on using PayPal in the home
    • MOBILE: See how PayPal is defining the future of money
    • STUDENT ACCOUNT: Give your teens financial freedom and parents peace of mind.
    • SECURITY: Learn how to stay safer while shopping online or from your mobile device
  • Wine and dine with celebrity hosts and top PayPal executives
  • Get exclusive insight from PayPal executives on the future of payment technology
  • Learn about PayPal’s newest announcements and test out our newly-released technology and mobile apps


Tuesday, November 9th from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.


The Glass Houses
At the Chelsea Arts Tower

545 West 25th Street

New York, NY 10001
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