Pay it Your Way: How PayPal Helps Offer Financial Flexibility

Consumers today are less one-size-fits-all than ever when it comes to what they buy, where they buy, and how they pay. Offering them lots of options that support financial flexibility and helping them keep spending on track is key.

That’s where we come in. PayPal’s suite of offerings—ranging from the PayPal and Venmo digital wallets and Pay Later services like Pay in 4 to PayPal Honey and deals in the PayPal app—are designed to help consumers pay how they want and help keep their finances in order.

Whether you want to pay with a credit or debit card, over time or with reward points, PayPal can help take you where you want to go, in the way you prefer to get there.

Flexibility in how you pay

Having payment flexibility provides convenience – you can choose more ways to pay. The PayPal digital wallet, for example, gives consumers more choices by bringing together many financial and shopping features. Because it’s all in one app, you can worry less about physical payment methods or entering long strings of card information for every online purchase.

We continue to offer more choice and flexibility to consumers, allowing you to pay how you want, when you want, just about wherever you want. You can set your preferred payment method and PayPal will default you to that every single time. Whether you want to pay for your shopping trip now or later, PayPal helps provide you with ways to do so and manage your budget how you see fit.

Flexibility wherever you pay

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you deserve to have your entire wallet with you – even if it’s not physically with you. That includes options that provide freedom of choice and ease, such as credit and debit cards, your PayPal or Venmo balance, your bank account, and Pay Later offerings.

"PayPal gives folks the flexibility to buy goods or services almost anywhere, anytime, with or without their physical wallet. All of your payment methods are saved electronically and available to you in one place,” said Greg Lisiewski, VP and GM, Global Pay Later Products at PayPal.

More than 80% of the top U.S. retailers now accept PayPal or Venmo at checkout. Customers can use their PayPal and Venmo debit and credit cards to pay in-store. Using the Venmo app, shoppers can also pay with QR codes where available for in-store purchases.


Flexibility in when you pay

Buy now, pay later is an prominent example of flexibility in payment timing. It allows you to say, ‘I don't actually want to pay for this all right now, I want to pay for part of it and the rest later.’ That's giving you a lot of flexibility.

PayPal’s offerings that allow you to pay later – in four installments for smaller purchases, and monthly for larger ones – give you more options to manage your money at a pace that works for you. There are all sorts of useful features to make managing your money more flexible.

Flexibility in how you find deals and earn and use rewards

Budgeting can be tricky, but finding deals and earning and using rewards when you buy can make big purchases easier and help your money go further. It’s one of the simplest ways to help offset costs and keep budgets in check. 

Since your credit cards can all be linked to your PayPal account, so are your rewards points. The PayPal wallet enables your points to be used when checking out with PayPal, and they can even be stacked with discounts and deals earned through PayPal on eligible purchases.

“Our merchants are constantly running offers and deals. We can put those in front of consumers at various touch points throughout the shopping journey when they're beneficial,” said Greg. “Let’s say it’s Mother's Day and you decided to see how PayPal can help save a little money to take care of Mom. For example, PayPal Honey helps you maximize savings by searching for and automatically applying a $10 off a purchase of $100 with a coupon code and you can also get 8% cash back if you started that shopping journey on PayPal.”

What this means for you

The bottom line: “We’re making PayPal a rewarding way to pay, and in doing that we’re providing payment flexibility,” said Greg. “We really want to help you find deals and offers that could help you and save you money, earn cash back, and pay later.”

We’re going Behind the Button, exploring how PayPal makes navigating finances simpler and provides many ways to earn rewards – all in a secure digital environment.

Read the first installment here to get an overview of how our Two-Sided Network of merchants and consumers operates on your behalf, and how it’s evolving.

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