Simple and Secure: How PayPal Makes Finances and Life Easy

Ever feel like managing your money today is getting too complicated? You’re not alone. Whether you’re sending or receiving money, splitting a bill, or trying to keep across all your balances and payment methods, you can easily get overwhelmed or lose track.

That’s where PayPal comes in – we know how complex it can be to keep all your money, accounts, and payment methods organized, so we work hard to make things as simple as possible.

“PayPal is really about giving people the power to manage their money, stretch their dollar further, and make life simple by giving them a single destination to access their finances,” said Derek Francom, Director of Product Management at PayPal.

Here are a few scenarios where PayPal can help your financial well-being:

You need a simpler way to manage money

Keeping track of spending, account balances, and transfers is complicated. It’s difficult to track all your transactions in one place to ensure better order. 

The fix: Use the PayPal digital wallet to bring together multiple accounts in one single place

"You can log into your PayPal account on the app or the web and see all your transactions with PayPal,” Derek said. “You can very simply categorize all of your transactions and look at where you’re spending money holistically as a customer.”  

You need to keep your data safe

There are stories in the news seemingly every other month about data breaches and identity theft. You don’t want to worry about putting your credit card or personal information at risk when shopping.

The fix: Using PayPal at checkout means merchants don’t get your complete financial information, so there’s reduced possibility of financial data compromise. PayPal safeguards your financial information, helping protect you if we detect any fraudulence during a transaction.  


You need an account without minimum balance requirements

You’re trying to open an account at a big bank but are tight on cash and can’t meet the minimum funding requirements.

The fix: Did you know you can get paid directly into your PayPal balance account? With Direct Deposit you can even get paid up to two days early. Plus, your PayPal Debit Card makes it easy to access those funds so you can pay bills directly from your balance.

“Our focus is on democratizing financial services and helping consumers that maybe wouldn’t otherwise have access to banking services,” said Derek. “Many of our PayPal products help people who are underbanked stretch their dollar and manage their finances in a far less complicated way.”

You’re looking to break your purchase payments up

Say the holiday shopping season is coming up and you’re surprising them with a big family vacation. The challenge is you’re still waiting on some clients to pay you for your work or that holiday bonus to come through. You could really use some flexibility in how you manage your payments.

The fix: With PayPal’s buy now, pay later options, like Pay in 4, you can pay for your purchases over time and give yourself some room to handle your finances.

You want a better way to keep track of deals and rewards

Deals and coupons are hard to come by, and don’t always work. Who’s got the time to find and keep track of them all? However, they can help you get more for your money.

The fix: PayPal Honey can automatically search for and apply coupons and points towards cash-back rewards when you check out. It also has features like Droplist that can notify you if an item you’re interested in goes on sale.

PayPal also allows you to earn and pay with rewards to help stretch your budget. Linking your credit cards to PayPal lets you to automatically collect eligible rewards when using those cards at checkout. “We're focused on helping people maximize their value when shopping with PayPal by offering great rewards and cash back for many of their everyday purchases,” said Derek.

You want to spend less time filling out forms, more time getting things done

We’ve all had this happen. You’re shopping online, and in the middle of entering your payment information, you’re interrupted and have to take care of something else. By the time you’re back, your shopping cart has timed out and you have to start all over again.

The fix: With PayPal, we save your shipping address, preferred payment information, and more in our secure database. Any time you shop with any of the millions of merchants that accept PayPal, you can simply rely on the “Pay with PayPal” button, and we seal the deal. Your transaction is frictionless.

So what’s the bottom line? “PayPal is the central place for your financial services,” said Derek. “You can shop online, you can shop in-store, you can put it in savings, you can pay bills. PayPal can help make your financial life very simple.”

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