PayPal’s 2024 Community Impact Grant Recipients

Each year, PayPal employees have the opportunity to select local charities in their communities that align with our mission of revolutionizing commerce globally by expanding economic opportunity for all. The selected organizations will receive grant funding, volunteer support from PayPal employee volunteers, and pro bono resources to help extend the impact of the award.

This year’s 2024 Community Impact Grantees include 77 grantees across 22 countries where PayPal sites are located. Among these grantees includes esteemed organizations that are not only becoming Community Impact partners but have also been selected to benefit from our first-ever PayPal Impact Day on June 27. On PayPal Impact Day, PayPal employees will come together to support small businesses that are the backbone of our communities, while volunteering to support the nonprofits that strengthen them.

Learn more about some of this year’s PayPal Community Impact Grantees:

Foundervine – London, England

Foundervine works to increase access to entrepreneurship and opportunities in the digital sector for future leaders in underserved communities by providing access to networks, high-impact learning opportunities and investment-readiness support. PayPal will work with Foundervine to support underserved entrepreneurs and equip them with the tools and resources they need to grow and thrive.

Arvind Foundation– Chennai, India

Arvind Foundation– Chennai, India

The Arvind Foundation provides care for children with special needs from underprivileged backgrounds through curative education and healing resources. For over 19 years, the foundation has provided services, including vocational training to teach children critical skills through job-oriented courses like computer science, cooking and culinary arts, office assistance training, and more. PayPal’s Chennai site works to support the Arvind Foundation through coaching, mentoring, and providing space in the office for the foundation’s emerging entrepreneurs to sell their products and generate revenue.

Pro México Indígena´s Foundation – Mexico City, Mexico  

Pro México Indígena´s Foundation – Mexico City, Mexico

Pro Mexico Indigena specializes in developing solutions against extreme poverty and the social inclusion of indigenous communities in 9 states of Mexico. For more than 26 years, Pro Mexico Indigena has transformed the lives of more than 300,000 indigenous people with more than 24,000 projects in the field. PayPal’s Mexico City site supports the organization by providing coaching, mentoring and pro bono consulting for indigenous women who are starting and growing their businesses.

NYPACE – New York, New York

NYPACE – New York, New York

NYPACE’s mission is to stimulate job creation and economic opportunity in underserved communities by mobilizing pro bono professionals to support local entrepreneurs with customized resources. Each year, the organization matches over 100 entrepreneurs with the help they need to grow and scale their businesses. PayPal supports NYPACE through hosting pop up shops for the SMBs they work with, and employees provide pro bono consulting that helps them to succeed.

We look forward to welcoming some of these grantees to our PayPal sites on June 27th and working with them and other nonprofits around the world to give back to our local communities. Learn more about PayPal’s work to strengthen the communities where we live and work here.

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