How Small Business Loans are Helping Speakcheesy Cook Up Something Big

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Entrepreneurship, crafting, and great food have always captivated Hillery Sawyer, owner of Speakcheesy, a gourmet grilled cheese food truck in Rome, Georgia.

She brought those passions together for her business, which started as a pop-up in 2014 and quickly evolved into the food truck it is today, serving up 36 types of grilled cheese. Grilled cheese was an avenue to be creative, while also being able to bring other flavors to the region, said Hillery, who now runs the business with her husband Ben Mitchell.

Hillery Sawyer and Ben Mitchell, owners of Speakcheesy grilled cheese food truck.

No detail is too small. From the food itself, to doodles on the takeout boxes, to chatting with customers, Speakcheesy's goal is to always leave an impression.

While her creativity and dedication might come naturally, financing the business wasn't always so easy. Securing traditional loans was a challenge and maintaining cash flow meant Hillery and Ben had to stay on the road and work as much as possible.

A PayPal Working Capital1 small business loan changed their trajectory. With quick and easy access to funding, Hillery improved the Speakcheesy truck to help increase efficiency, hired additional staff, and focused less on managing money and more on what mattered to her the most serving up an incredible customer experience.

Being able to access fast financing online, and being approved based on her PayPal account history was a huge draw for Hillery. Since securing her first loan, Hillery has continued to use PayPal Working Capital multiple times to take on new challenges and expand her business. Every time we've received a PayPal Working Capital loan, we've watched the health of our business grow, she said2.

Speakcheesy is now on the road to even more growth with plans to take the food truck on a national tour, renovate a second truck in the spring, and open a ghost kitchen to bring in more revenue. The latter will give Speakcheesy a way to deliver their signature grilled cheese to doorsteps across the greater Atlanta area.

SpeakcheesyWith help from PayPal Working Capital, Speakcheesy is on the road to even more growth.

1The lender for PayPal Working Capital in the United States is WebBank, Member FDIC.
2Results may not be typical and may vary substantially across businesses.Related Articles

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